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Professional GMB for hotels and restaurants

Professional GMB for hotels and restaurants

Respond to GMB (Google My Business) reviews, good, bad or even ugly, the effort will pay off in the long run.

Granted, turning a negative review into a positive interaction won't result in a spike in revenue this month, but it will make a solid decision-making argument for many new and existing customers. Many people pay more attention to negative opinions than to positive ones. Especially to the tone, culture and matter-of-factness of the business owner response to the sometimes preposterous grievances of the client.
Respect for the customer is the basis, and we can often turn a negative opinion into a positive one.


The customer added a review that there was no Wi-Fi coverage in the hotel room when there is no free Wi-Fi service at all in this hotel.
Often, a clinician who wrote such an opinion and did not pay a subscription to the Internet network removes such an opinion or changes it to a positive one, which results in an improved image on the Google My Business profile.

Unattended, multiple negative reviews are a warning sign to most viewers.
We all have different tastes, so the taste of food, decor or plating is very diverse, but all customers want to be heard when they have something to say about your business, so respect yourself and respect your customer.

We strongly recommend responding to all reviews on Google My Business.

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