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Google My Business SEO Optimization

Google My Business SEO Optimization

We will optimize and position your Google My Business profile so that your company appears in the first place on maps and in other Google services. By choosing one of the packages from our offer, we guarantee that your company will become more recognizable and will significantly improve visibility on the search engine and Google maps.

Scope of services

Creating an account on Google My Business.

If you do not yet have an account on Google My Business, we will set up a GMB profile for your company in an optimal way, so that all settings are flawless from the beginning and its position grows as quickly as possible. If you already have a Google My Business account, we will audit it and optimize all settings and correct existing errors.

We complete the relevant metadata and their details in the materials used to publish the content of N.A.T. that is the name of the company, its exact address and telephone number.
In this way, we get high-quality readability by Google, which is aimed at increasing traffic on the customer's landing page for a specific product, keyword or service.
As a result, the customer material has a complete optimization of photos, events, data updates, offers or products that will be sent and published on the Google My Business Profile.

Regular publication of content.

We deal with continuous optimization by regularly publishing photos on the Google My Business profile.


We compare keywords before and after positioning with the intention of improving the readability of signals related to the target phrases, as presented in the photos below.

In the example below, you can observe the optimization effects we carry out. You can see a significant improvement in visibility for specific keywords:

Here is the status before we started positioning:

After few months of our work, the client notices a significant increase in the popularity of his keywords.

But what exactly do these numbers mean and what is the effect of keyword optimization for the company whose Google profile is being optimized?

These numbers show the difference in the number of customers who were able to find his company before optimization and after we took care of that company. The result is a very significant increase in sales and profitability of this company as customers began to find our client's business.

Improving the company's reputation.

A positioned company gets a quick link generated to gain direct access to the review page. Thanks to this, the company's clients can leave their reviews and clients to respond to them, additionally increasing and improving the recognition and reputation of the business. Thanks to our advice, we use even less positive customer feedback to improve the company's reputation. Paradoxically, a few less positive feedback can be a very valuable way to improve your reputation if you respond skilfully.

Quick link.

The company we are positioning receives a quick link generated in order to gain direct access to the review page.


All Packages ensure the publication of the company's services on the Google My Business Profile if the given business category has such an option and allows access to statistics in order to check the number of callers, the number of inquiries about the address or the number of people who visited the customer's website.
To check the statistics and the effect of our work, there is a dedicated free application that you can download on your phone and view current work reports.
The application works on devices with software (iOS, Android). In order to constantly monitor the activity of a positioned company, we recommend downloading applications to your phone.

On the downloaded application, we have access to the following statistics:

1. How customers are looking for your business

2. Customer actions

3. Inquiries about the route

4. Phone calls - when and how many times customers called your company

5. Popular hours and duration of the customer's visit to your company

6. Number of views of your photos on the GMB profile in relation to the competition.

7. Number of photos on your profile compared to competitors' companies.

8. Performance statistics for the previous month of work.

It is a convenient method to check all the necessary information in one Application on your phone.

Competition analysis.

Thanks to our tools, we check the positions in relation to a given phrase, location and Google algorithm and we know who is in a given place in the Google ranking.

Thanks to this information, we have basic data about competitive companies that want to take the highest positions on the Google search engine ranking.
When we notice the abuse of keywords by companies from your competition that do not comply with Google's regulations and use Black Hat techniques for online positioning, we have the opportunity to report the abuse to Google, which will verify this profile, remove the problem or completely suspend the business card.

Here is an example of a company that is currently misusing keywords:

YouTube Publications.

We create search keyword publication and front page advertising by generating live publication using YouTube.

An example below for a long tail keyword: Best architect in the city of Warsaw:

AdWords ads syncing.

We also offer synchronization of Adwords advertising with the Google My Business profile and construction of an advertisement based on the budget of the positioned company.

Additional bonuses for our clients.

Creating backlinks - allows you to increase the authority of the customer's main website (Money site).

Virtual 3D walk in the most advanced Matterport 3D technology, which will be installed and uploaded to your Google My Business account. Thanks to this, your client will be able to "walk" virtually around your company, restaurant, etc.


We provide support to each client via e-mail, chat, videoconference and by phone.

From the moment you purchase the package, our consultant will contact you within 24 hours.

Get 25% back in the Affiliate Program.

Each customer who buys one of our Packages will have the opportunity to obtain a 25% commission for each company recommended by him, which also buys a Package from us. The commission is paid at the end of the calendar month, as long as the recommended company cooperates with us.


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