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Tlen-Med SEO Case Study

Tlen-Med SEO Case Study

Tlen-Med case study: A short description of the annual SEO activities on the client's website and Google My Profile (formerly Google My Business). How it started - that is, the beginning of cooperation

We Meet in a Bank.

spotkanie w banku na temat pozycjonowania seo

it was a recommendation from one of our active clients.

At the meeting, the entrepreneur asked us if we could take care of his website and develop visibility in the Google search engine. After an initial rapid assessment of the possibility of cooperation, analysis of activities and a cursory analysis of the competition, we found that, as much as possible, we can increase the visibility of the website and ensure an increase in targeted traffic on the website from the Google search engine.

We did not have to analyze the positions of our client's website for a long time because it did not have it and we started everything from scratch,

strony internetowe trzeba tworzyc

So Time to Start - Competition is awake and if we start later, we will have better time.

So we started our cooperation and found an available domain with history Domains with history often already have some power and if it is examined by professionals, we know whether it is worth buying a domain from "expired domains", i.e. a so-called domain graveyard, or rather avoid buying it.

Sometimes you can drag zombies out of the graveyard, so it will only cause us a problem.


Our client did not have to worry about it.

The tools we use help in 100% verification and the possibility of scanning domains that have not been paid for and are available on the market. so to the point:

We bought the domain oxygen-med.pl on February 10, 2021 At that time, the domain was already 8 years old and had several indexes adequate to the content of our client's website.

historia domeny

Quick decision and bought domain, resuscitation, redirection and we start building the site on Laravel.

In the meantime, we create a Google My Business card (today it is called Google My Profile after changes introduced by Google in 2022) also from scratch.


The progress on the business card during this time is shown below in the list of photos:

on the first day of cooperation, the positions showed us red crosses, which means that we do not appear on the first page of Google and we are below the 20th place here is the scan from day one:

wynik z wizytówki google


Then, after our actions, which, of course, we will not describe in detail, the result and effect obtained for many specific keywords. Sample scans for strong keywords below:

skan z seo medyczna branza



pozycjonowanie wizytówki google


google wizytówka pozycjonowanie

By going to the website, we created the site both aesthetically and readable for Google bots, which translates into a good page index. from which we can check a few blog entries and the result of organic items: examples below: www.tlen-med.pl

budowa stron www

budowa stron www pod seo



Apart from being active on social media, the youtube channel is also an important signal.

In the right way, you can get the YouTube video to be published on the front page of Google just like we did for the video: First Hyperbaric Therapy Guide. regardless of the location, the film will be displayed on the first page of Google in every part of Poland.

moc youtube

przykład poniżej:

pozycjonowanie youtube


By adding the option for an entrepreneur to write blog articles, we can count on results in the SERP, i.e. on the first page of Google Appropriate Headings H1, H2 etc .... ALT TEXT, Meta data on the page and the correct structure will allow us to obtain the following results:


wyniki-organiczne co to

organiczy wynik efekt pozycjonowania SEO

pozycjonowanie organiczne


Additionally, a reservation system was created on the website and a payment gateway was connected.

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