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Positioning in Google maps

Positioning in Google maps

Modern Studio is an original architectural studio founded in 2008. It operates on the Polish market providing architectural design services, has a team of young people characterized by their creativity, open mind and skilful use of modern technologies. Meeting the expectations of modern customers, they approach each project as a challenge - individual and ambitious, remembering that "the art of architecture grows out of beauty and understanding human needs". They think with ideas, translating an idea into a spatial concept respecting the context of the place. They design single-family and multi-family housing architecture, service facilities, public space and interiors.

What were the expectations?

We started cooperation with Modern Studio in July 2020. We undertook the positioning of the company's business card "Modern Studio of Google My Business Architecture" photo below:
modern studio business.jpg

The company's showpiece has not been promoted in any way on the web before. The main goal was to obtain the best possible promotional effect, that is, to attract a larger number of customers interested in Modern Studio's services and positioning for given keywords to increase visibility on the Google search engine and thus the number of sales and services.

What steps have we taken?

The strictly defined specialization of the client's company, i.e. Architects, required good strategy planning. In positioning the "Google My Business" business card, we focused primarily on general phrases which, on the one hand, had an impact on building brand recognition, and on the other hand, attracted users who were actually interested in the client's offer. In this way, we wanted to guarantee the website more conversion potential.

We conducted an audit for one of the keywords:
"The Best Architect in Opole"

We decided to implement actions so that the Google search engine would show Modern Studio Architektury in the best results in order to increase conversions and sales.
Before our work, we had to thoroughly research the market to get a distinction and to make every search engine signal ordered and legible.

Showing up first in the Google three-pack was our goal.

here are the scans before starting work on the keyword Best Architect Opole:

Scan before Positioning 6 August 2020

Our program carefully checks who of the competing companies is in the higher places in the Google ranking.

The points on the Map show us the position of the company in relation to the location

Modern Studio Architektury based on competition and similar business categories.
In order to appear on the first page of Google at a given point, we must obtain a number from 1-3 which will show that we have managed to take over the so-called three-pack and we are visible on the first page of the search engine to increase our sales.

Analysis Day for the keyword "Best Architect Opole" 6 August 2020

Effect after 30 days of work 6 September 2020

Effect after 60 days of work October 6, 2020

Effect after 90 days of work November 2020

These are hard evidence of our work.
We hypothesized that our work resulted in a 68% increase in traffic based on information, analysis and our experience.

Statistics compared to the previous year for the keyword Best Architect Opole.

Google search:

Local search for the Keywords Best architect Opole

The chart below shows us how customers found the company in relation to the previous year, comparing the percentage of progress or decrease in search engine visibility.

7,200 people searched for a company by entering direct phrases 11% more than last year

18,200 people found the company through discovery or let's say (luxury architect Opole) and found the company. 77% more than last year

710 directly when the customer is interested in your competitors' company and changes his mind choosing your company. 11% more than last year

Overall, progress under a given keyword is 99% per year after the first 120 days of work

This means that activities in the field of positioning the Google My Business listing systematically increase the number of views, and thus improve the visibility of the site on the Internet. This translates into increased recognition of the company, sales and its offers online.
Maintaining such activity by our company gives a huge advantage over the competition and the receipt of the offer for the client who is looking for the target product or service.

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