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Increasing the visibility area on Google

Increasing the visibility area on Google

Due to the location of the Agrotruck company, which is located in Łążyna (a village located between Toruń and Bydgoszcz), the customer's expectation was to increase the visibility area on the Google search engine so that people looking for tiling services could easily find the company through the search engine.

Agrotruck is a certified company founded in 2015 by specialists and based on the extensive experience of its partners. The company assumes that success can be achieved above all, when it focuses on only one field, therefore our only business is the business of solar farms and construction assembly. Thanks to our engineers and professional team, as well as specialists with 15 and 11 years of experience in the photovoltaic sector, they strive to provide the highest quality in the field of solar energy.

What did our client care about?

Due to the location of the company Agrotruck (Łążyn), the village located between Toruń and Bydgoszcz, the customer's expectation was to increase the visibility area on the Google search engine so that people looking for tiling services could easily search for the company through the search engine.
The client also runs a YouTube channel and aims to show some of the channel's videos on the front page of Google without investing in Adwords.

What were the expectations?

We have been cooperating with Agrotruck since May 2020 and we have undertaken the positioning of the company's business card, which can be seen below:

The business card did not exist before and we had to create everything from scratch, the main goal of the company's positioning activities was to acquire new customers, i.e. adults living in the area, and to extend the signal to cities such as Kraków and Gdańsk, where Agrotruck is interested in cooperation with customers from these locality. In addition, the client wanted to achieve visibility on the 1st page of Google search results through the YouTube channel.

What steps have we taken?

At the beginning, we created a "Google My Business" business card, we verified the account and optimized the information about the company in 100%.
In order to show the company outside the location, we had to gain authority in other places where the company wanted to exist, i.e. Gdańsk and Kraków, to get it, we needed detailed information on the competition and activity of companies in these locations.
All the necessary information obtained by our tools was analyzed and published with the expected result from the company.

We conducted an Audit for one of the keywords plus an addition from the YouTube channel to appear in organic links for the words "Kafarowanie Polska", see the result below:

as well as the effect of our work from the beginning of cooperation, i.e. on May 7, 2020, for an example of the keyword "Tiling" without the addition of localization (Fat Tail)

The day of creating the business card and its verification: May 7, 2020
Our program carefully checks who of the company's competitors is in higher places in the Google ranking
The points on the Map show us in what position the company is in relation to the location
Solar farm structures based on competition and similar business categories.
In order to appear on the first page of Google at a given point, we must obtain a number from 1-3 which will show that we have managed to take over the so-called three-pack and we are visible on the first page of the search engine to increase our sales.

First day: May 7, 2020

Effect after 30 days of work on June 7, 2020
You can already see the first signs of our work and the building of the company's authority over the competition.

Effect after 60 days of work on July 7, 2020
We managed to get the result on the first page of Google in points where numbers 1-3 appear.

Effect after 90 days of work on August 7, 2020
Domination is an effect that we want to see in each of our clients.

Then positioning the video from the YouTube channel to gain authority in the cities of Krakow and Gdańsk.

Example: The keyword "Piling Krakow" results below:

The result for a given keyword "Kafarowanie Krakow" will appear anywhere in the world as it is not determined by the location.

Then "Kafarowanie Gdańsk" photo of the result below:


Also this result will appear for every user of the google search engine without reference to the location.

Google traffic results

Traffic results from Google Maps

These are hard evidence of our work.

The company owner also has access to a free application on his phone that he can download to check the exact statistics of our work progress.
We make sure that the statistics maintain their conversion and strengthen their positions from month to month.
Keeping such activity by our company gives a huge advantage over the competition and reaching the company's offer for the client who is looking for the target product or service.

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