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Google positioning - sale increasing

Google positioning - sale increasing

Prima Tech is a company with extensive experience in importing both small products and complex equipment and technological lines. It has a qualified staff of employees focused on the needs of customers, who provide you with the highest quality service. In the online store you can find quality-tested products offered by Prima Tech at competitive prices. The product offer is addressed to all companies, institutions and individuals who are looking for machines, devices and goods in any industry.

The customer wanted:
Increased sales and greater visibility on Google maps. Prima Tech is a company with many business categories and the positioning of the Google My Business listing for other business categories could not achieve the expected result without gaining the appropriate authority on the web. The client has taken the action of promoting one of its business categories, in this case "Electric Cars for Children", but thus losing nothing on organic positioning for other types of business categories that Prima Tech offers to its customers.

What steps have we taken?
The main step was to check in which company directories Prima Tech exists and to create backlinks in the business category binding signals as sales of toys and sale of children's cars on a battery so that after entering the keyword in the search engine, customers would find consistent content with the search result and at the same time without losing organic signals to separate business categories that Prima Tech offers.

With our tools, we decided to search for and select the most frequently searched keywords by customers for the products offered by Prima Tech.
The Google My Business card we have with is on the image below:


The business card was previously optimized for all business categories. The main goal is to obtain the best possible effect of promotion, that is, to attract actually more customers interested in Prima Tech's services and positioning for specific keywords to increase visibility on the Google search engine and, consequently, the amount of sales and services.

What steps have we taken?
From the statistics, we noticed that positioning did not focus on a specific business category, and thus weaker results compared to the competition
Therefore, we decided to focus on 6 related business categories and promote the Prima Tech Google Moja Firma profile under them.
Which strongly translated into increased visibility on the Google search engine.
Signals that we could verify on the first day of work are over 100 keywords searched by customers on maps and Google search engine.

The first day of work, September 24, 2020



Effects after 60 days of work, November 24, 2020


As you can see, the correction of signals and guiding the target customer has moved to the front page of Google, where customers find the Prima Tech company with great ease.
The photo shows the first 10 keywords and compared to the first day of work, we see that the business card is 100% optimized and gives information that is readable for the search engine, which results in the company being awarded high positions in the Google ranking.

These is
evidence of our work.
Comparing the previous year, we can see significant progress we compared the period from September 14 to December 14, 2019 vs September 14 to December 14, 2020.

The results are below:



As you can see, the progress resulted in a 525 percent increase in target traffic on the Google listing of my company through people searching for products on the Google search engine compared to the previous year.

This means that the positioning of the Google My Business listing systematically increases the number of views, and thus improves the visibility of the site on the Internet. This translates into increased recognition of the company, sales and its offers online.
Keeping such activity by our company gives a huge advantage over the competition and the receipt of the offer for the client who is looking for the target product or service.

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